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Do you want to give your project a boost?
See it grow and evolve?
Come to CIDAP!

Audiovisual Development Laboratory of the Pyrenees-Mediterranean Euroregion

CIDAP‘s aim is to attract multidisciplinary talent (emerging and consolidated), strengthen projects,

empower their creators and give them the opportunity to have a new vision of their work.

We share dreams to create new realities.

In 1906 a young painter in crisis came to rest in the Pedraforca valley. His visit, which was to last only a few days, lasted a few months. In that time the artist overcame his blockage and, along the way, created a new art form. His name was Pablo Picasso and in this landscape he invented Cubism, which would change the world of Art forever.

In the same spirit, CIDAP wants to explore in a very personal way all kinds of audiovisual projects and help them to find their essence and develop and grow freely.

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