Creativity and creative teams:

  • Acquisition of rights and intellectual property. Script analysis and editing up to definitive script version, including script analysis, story editing, dialogue editing, etc.
  • Projects’ graphic and art design development: storyboards, animatic, teasers, trailers, Art Direction, new formats and technologies, try-outs, etc.
  • Pre-scouting.
  • Search and memo deals with talented professionals: scriptwriters, dialogists, story editors, actors, heads of department (direction, cinematography, art, etc.), executive producers, line producers, technicians, etc.


  • Market analysis and marketing plan.
  • Budgets and finance plan.
  • Project presentation for development funding: state and local grants, private investors, potential co-producers, TV channels, sales agents, distributors, etc.
  • Representation at International Markets and specialized Film and Audiovisual Forums to reinforce the project’s visibility and strengthen its commercial value, R.O.I. potential and pre-sales.


In order to better achieve Efímero Films’ objectives, it is very important to contribute to the commercial exploitation of film products on different platforms and thus create transversal narratives within any given franchise.

  • To build relationships with other companies in different cultural sectors worldwide.
  • To strengthen these relationships so they may be mutually beneficial and generate know-how and good practice.
  • To divulge and distribute quality audiovisual products through different channels and derivative works to boost visibility in an international context.
  • To find, invigorate and generate transmedia narratives either from an audiovisual origin or from other sources with a sustainable audiovisual potential.


  • To conceive all audiovisual products within the framework of technological innovation and its potential for increasing creativity and business opportunities.
  • To integrate, in the context of project development, technologies that will play a key role in the evolution of audiovisual industries, thus positioning each project at the forefront of new technology, creativity and business.
  • Some of the new technologies we are already working on at Efímero Films related to film theatrical distributions are: immersive or 3D sound (object based audio), laser projection, HFR (High Frequency Rate), ACES colors design architecture, motion and facial capture techniques and tele-detection technologies such as LIDAR.
  • In the fields of broadcasting and TV: ultra-definition (UHDTV1 & 2; a.k.a. 4K & 8K), OLED devices and production, post-production and distribution via IP.
  • As for distribution and media consumption, we have integrated the increasing presence of mobile devices, OTT’s and cloud maturity as an infrastructure within which content may be processed and administered.